Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Winter's Eve: A night in the city

Last night was NYC's 13th annual Winter's Eve.  The night starts with a tree lighting in front of the Lincoln Center and continues with food sampling, performances, shops, and Santa!  About 10 blocks of fun!  We decided to check it out.

The temple is directly across from the Lincoln Center and the missionaries were out front distributing free hot chocolate and singing Christmas carols.  We decided to sneak inside and let the babies crawl around for a minute and give our backs a rest.  Macy, Scott and Hudson.  These kids love each other!

Santa was at Brooks Brothers.  I wonder what Scott told him he wants for Christmas...

Santa insisted that I sit on his lap as well... I was kinda creeped out, but figured I'd be a good girl.  Good thing I already got my Christmas present!  Happy Winter's Eve!

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