Monday, November 5, 2012

Searching for warmer weather (aka Arizona trip)

 We had planned on being in AZ for about 10 days, but ended up staying an extra week thanks to Hurricane Sandy.  We were supposed to fly back to NYC the night before the storm hit but decided to stay where it is sunny and warm a little longer.  I was so bad at taking pics, but here are a handful.

Scott started crawling in AZ!  I blame my mom's dog (pictured below) because Scott just wanted to chase him everywhere!

Some disc golf and feeding the ducks with Gpa Hall at Fountain Hills park.

Phoenix Zoo with cousins!

A must...Costa Vida lunch date with these cuties.

Love this little lady who is expecting baby #3!  So excited!!

We had to hit up a Toro football game...mainly to watch 2 of Bryan's sisters cheer.  Watching with Grammy Hall.

Perkinson cousin photo shoot!  Bradford is Scott's little buddy and little Elizabeth is like 3 days old in this pic!  We were so happy to be there when she joined this earth.

Just some playing.


We were supposed to be back in NYC for Halloween, but since we got stranded for another week we enjoyed some of the festivities with our families.  I threw together a Chimney Sweep costume for Scott.  He loved to play with (destroy) his broom.  HOW CUTE is this little mermaid??  One of the best costumes of the night.  We love our friends, Kristin and Baby Capri. 

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