Monday, November 26, 2012

Cutting down our Christmas Tree...kinda

I have always wanted to take a trip to the mountains to cut down my own Christmas tree.  Seems like it would be a lot easier to do that in Arizona.  Instead, I waited until I moved to NYC to fulfill this dream of mine (sorta).  We rented a big van, loaded up the babies, strollers, rope and coats and headed north out of the city to Connecticut.  We drove about 2 hours to the Jones Family Farm (after a couple pit stops to eat lunch and feed babies).  The grounds were gorgeous!  Christmas trees everywhere!  Trees covered the hills that surrounded a little lake. 200 ACRES of trees.  From huge trees to little baby trees just sprouting.  We searched for the perfect trees, then hacked away!

This is the tree we decided to "pose" by.  Can you picture this beauty in my apartment?  It was as big as my living room...and we have a decent sized living room for NYC standards!  I said we "sorta" fulfilled my dream of cutting down a tree because we did not actually end up cutting one down.  Sorry to mislead.  Our friends that we went with all got trees, but they are staying in the city for Christmas and we are not.  Not worth $60 if we are leaving in 2 weeks for AZ!  But we thoroughly enjoyed helping our friends get their trees.  Thanks for letting us come along for the ride!

I was not prepared for the freezing weather!  Poor Scott was cold!  Hugo (on the right) was totally prepared in his snow suit.

That's better.  He just needed a dad to keep him warm!

The farm also had the cutest indoor and outdoor markets!

The whole gang.  It was a successful day trip!

I'll have to post a pic of the real tree we got once I get the lights on it!

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cristall said...

This looks like so much fun! I have always wanted to do this as a family when you guys were little. Dad, not so much! Ha! Maybe next year?