Thursday, September 22, 2011

Labor Day in AZ

As much as I am loving it here in NYC, I was sooo excited to go home for Labor Day! Lots of events going on! We had such a great time! I got to reunite with some great friends and family members, meet Sarah's fiancé, Mike for the first time, see my brother tear it up in his first high school football game, play with my niece and nephew, lots of swimming and bbq, and best of all just chill with the fam! Here are a few pics from the weekend.

Baby Hayden (my niece) in her cutest little swimsuit...all ready for the pool!
Rex loved his ride with Grandpa on the ice chest after Jason's football game! I couldn't get enough of these kids while I was there!
A little family trip to the bowling alley! First time I met Mike (on the right), Sarah's fiancé. Typical picture, everyone smiling and me being stupid, showing off Pete (did I mention on here that I'm pregnant yet? More details on that to come. But yes, for now we call my belly Pete).
I snuck Rex up the slide (since he wasn't tall enough) and he LOVED it! The nice lady let me take him a few more times.
My cute sister, Gretchen. (Ok, her real name is Alysha, but I call her Gretchen)
Playing at Max and Kinzi's house with Hayden!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Septmeber 11th

On Saturday afternoon we decided to go walk around Ground Zero in honor of Sept. 11th the next day. We had a very humbling experience. Of course, this day is celebrated all over the country, but it felt so much more REAL actually being here in NYC and walking down the somber streets with those that lost loved ones. Church yesterday was amazing. The speakers were great and the music was incredible. One of the many benefits of living here is that there are so many talented and brilliant people! One chick from the ward stood up without the mic and busted out a gorgeous opera song, then the choir got up and sang one of my favorite songs, "Death Shall Not Destroy My Comfort" and it seriously brought tears! Bishop got up and talked about how Sept. 11th 10 years ago was his second day on the job and he was just down the street from the towers. So many people here experienced the tragedy first hand. I can't even imagine looking up and seeing the planes crash into those incredible buildings with my own eyes! God Bless America!