Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving and Fun Visitors!

Family, Food, Football, Fun! We hit on all the important "F" words for Thanksgiving! Bryan's sister, Mary, and her husband, Gavin, came and spent the week with us and we had a blast! The first day we drove up to Sleepy Hollow and visited the creepy cemetery and explored the little town, just to check a new place off our list :)

This is Thanksgiving morning at the Macy's Parade. We had fun wandering through Central Park, catching glimpses of all the cool floats and performers.

I felt bad the boys didn't get to play football Thanksgiving morning because we went to the parade instead (personally, I think I was more upset about this than the boys's tradition people!). All our friends here were starting their football games at like 10am and it just wasn't going to work...oh well, instead we just tossed the football around while we watched the parade.
The trees are still barely holding on to their colors. Soon they will be bare and I will be sad because that means it is going to get really cold!
The weather was so nice, we could have spent all day walking through the park!
The finished product! Pies were made the night before, ham in the oven, turkey in the crockpot (which turned out AMAZINGLY), and all the yummy sides to go with it! Thanks Mary for the help in the kitchen! Our little feast for the four of us turned out fantastic and I was very relieved...spent the rest of the day watching football.
The day after Thanksgiving, Christmas started going up throughout the whole city (some places even started prior to T-day)! It's so fun how NYC goes all out with decorations! Every store, every street has Christmas cheer! This is in the Trump Tower.
The shops on 5th Ave. were so much fun, except I've never seen so many people in my life!
Thanks for spending this holiday week with us!