Friday, September 5, 2008

Mi casa no es su casa

Well - its only been about a year since we last posted a blog, so I thought it was about time to do something else on here. To be honest I thought if I got the first few blogs going that Whitney would take this thing over and make it all cute like some of you other strange girls, but she didn't. To her credit, she works like a pack mule and I don't blame her for not wanting to come home and blog. Additionally, we don't currently have cable or internet at our house (the greatest thing ever - it makes us read - that's why we are smart!) so she cant really do it at our house. Anyway, much has happened over the last little while and I will try to sum it up concisely. 1) Still no progeny, 2) Whit fixes alot of ugly peoples teeth and makes them pretty, 3) Law school absolutely blows, 4) Its really hot, 5) We bought a house.

This blog is focused on number 5, seeing that it is the most positive of the above listed (even though I still see the lack of progeny as a positive). At the beginning of the year I started thinking about maybe looking for a place to buy. It just seemed like a decent time with the housing market falling like Lucifer out of Heaven. My cuz Danny Perk moved down and started looking for us around ASU. We were paying like 900 bones a month for our 1bedroom apartment and we figured we could find something close to that to buy. Anyway, we looked for a while and almost bit on a couple but it just didn't feel right. We were getting close to giving up and renewing our lease when Danny suggested we check out a new development a little further east, on Greenfield and Southern. I didn't really want to be back in the old mesa stomping grounds but I went out there with him to check it out and I was sold. This development is a mixed condo / duplex complex. I didn't like the condos (too close together) but along the back row of the development there are a line of duplex single story houses. I was pretty sure about it after looking at a few of them, and when I brought Whit back it she liked it and it was a done deal.

Getting the loan through was a little bit of a nightmare - luckily my other cuz Dallas pulled some strings and made it happen (that sounds like it was one of those shady mortgages - it wasn't its with Wells one of the few legit lenders out there). However, it is interesting that two years ago a single mom with three kids making two grand a month could some how get a no money down four hundred thousand dollar loan and now you have to fight for every cent you get. Our financial system is a freaking joke - but that's a tirade for another blog. Bottom line is we moved our crap out of our third story apartment - I almost died twice - and we got moved in during the middle of May. Whit decorated and painted like a champ and we couldn't be more happy with it. I don't have too many pictures right now but I will post some others later. Its a three bed, two bath about 1300 feet. We have a nice little yard in the back - its all dirt right now. And it has a two car garage. Its fun and we like it. I would invite everyone to see it but - I'm not big on visitors so pictures are going to have to suffice.