Thursday, January 5, 2012

Merry Little Christmas

Although we were really enjoying all the amazing holiday decor and cheer in NY, we were so excited to head to Arizona to spend Christmas with our families! Not to mention, it was a great feeling to leave behind our coats, scarves, beanies, and boots to enjoy the great weather in AZ. We had a wonderful time and loved catching up with our family and close friends. Bryan spent the 2 weeks working and on the golf course (I think more of his time was spent on the golf course than at work, if I remember correctly), and I enjoyed being lazy. 3 cheers for home cooked meals that I didn't have to prepare, running errands with my girls, Costa Vida (one of my biggest cravings), getting my first prenatal massage (heaven!), loading up on cute baby stuff from my shower, and just staying up late chatting with people I love. I wasn't a great photographer, but here a few pics I took.

The Perk girls out at Tempe Marketplace.
The whole Hall clan!
ASU pj's for the whole family!
Our Christmas musical performed at the White Family party.
Sweet little Hayden giving Uncle Bryan some Christmas loves.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Is this really MY baby shower???

I can't tell you how many baby showers I've been to the last 3 years where I sat and WISHED so hard that I would be next. As many of you know, getting this little guy in my belly was not an easy task for us and we've been waiting for our turn for a long time! I'll spare you all the crazy details, and those of you who care already know what a journey it has been for us. Of course I was always so excited for everyone who was having babies, I just wondered if I would ever be joining them. Well, alas it is our turn, and the timing is perfect for us (just shows you that someone else knows better than I do)! I fought back tears all night as I watched so many dear family members and close friends throw gifts my way and hug me and tell me how excited they were for me. My family and friends have been huge life savers and I am extremely grateful for all the love they show me.

My sister, Alysha, is the absolute bomb. Such a darling girl with a fun personality. Now, living across the country from her, I miss her terribly. My other wonderful sister, Sarah wasn't able to be at my shower and we missed her! I put Alysha on camera duty for the night and came away with tons of cute pics, only making my job more difficult when deciding which ones go on the blog... love you sis.

All the lovely ladies who helped throw me a shower came up with a "camping" theme...they know me too well. It was so rad.
Love my Gma White.
Mom made a very cute diaper cake for me.
Hall girls (minus Sarah) with Gma White.
Beautiful quilt from Gma Blackhurst! Love love love!
Stocking up on the Jordan sweat suits! My little guy got so spoiled and he is going to be one stylin' dude!
I still love how baby's nickname, Pete, has stuck for so long. Poor kid will probably be called Pete for the rest of his life.
My Perkinson girlies rock! Love my lady in-laws! Thank you for being so sweet.
My sweet sis-in-law, Kinzi, gave me my fabulous diaper bag. Love it!
My best friend has been the BEST! I am so very lucky to have her!
Thank you all for making me feel special and for preparing me for this exciting time! Now every square inch of our little apartment in New York is filled with darling baby stuff and we couldn't feel more blessed.