Sunday, September 27, 2009

There's NO WAY I'm going to spend the time updating you all on our last year. So, I'll start by doing a quick recap of the summer! In May we celebrated our 3 year anniversary! Yay for us! It has gone by so fast, but has been so much fun! No little ones yet, and NO I'm not pregnant. Just thought I'd throw that out right in the beginning for those that haven't talked to in years! Bryan finished his 2nd year of law school at ASU. This summer he worked for a law firm named Collins, May, Potenza. He got lots of good experience and really liked all the people he got to work with. As for me, I am still busy working at Tipton Orthodontics. It has been a great job for me. Truthfully, I hate it sometimes, but most of the time it is a great place to work. I just LOVE looking into people's mouths all day long!!!

I decided that I needed a vacation this summer, whether Bryan was coming or not! So I went to California and spent a few days with the whole Perkinson gang, then met up with my Hall family for a couple days. At the Perk beach house it was just us 7 girls! So much fun! Laying out, eating lots of good food, playing volleyball, shopping, falling asleep watching Twilight (with all of us in the same bed...). I have the best in-laws in the world and I love all of them!

The Hall beach house was packed with my whole family (except for Bry, sad). There were lots of bike rides (usually to Seaside Donuts), football on the beach, boogie boarding, and mad card games at night! It was a blast chillin with my fam!

My last night there, my crazy sisters and I decided to do a P90X workout video. But, we also decided it would be fun to dress up for it! We had so much fun picking out awesome outfits and putting on ridiculous make-up! By the end of the night, we had a HUGE audience!!! It reminded me of living in the dorms at college, no joke! As you can tell from the pics, we had WAY too much fun dancing around like 6 year olds playing dress up! It was so refreshing. I just loved watching Kinzi because she was so hardcore. I love my sisters!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blog Makeover!

OK! Everyone has told us that we could NOT wait another year to post another blog entry, and well...we're getting close to that year mark! Until now, Bryan has done all the posting (in hopes that I would take over). And I have really had no desire to have a blog. But, I just got a new computer and finally convinced Bry to pay for the internet (don't worry, we still don't have a tv). So we are totally moving up in the world. :) Anyway, I am still trying to figure out the whole blog thing, so any tips would be appreciated! You'll be hearing from us soon!