Sunday, February 24, 2013

"UNO" Birthday Fiesta

I wasn't going to do anything big for Scott's first birthday because I was still battling morning sickness (ok, "all day" sickness) and quite frankly just wasn't in the mood....then I started feeling badly about it and threw together a party for our little one year old!  I was so happy I did because it was a lot of fun!  Thank goodness I decided to keep it indoors because it was pouring that day.  I decided on an "uno/fiesta" theme and chose to make all the mexican food myself.  It was a lot of work but so worth it!  We had a mexican feast!  It was very chill.  We just ate and visited while the little ones played.  A big thanks to all our wonderful friends here in NYC.  

Homemade chicken taquitos
My green chili pork for tacos

This was the extent of the decorations...UNO cards!

Boys with their maracas

Love my little man!

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Birthday Trip to DC

Bryan had a 3 day conference in DC he had to go to and it just happened to be over Valentine's Day AND Scott's first birthday, so we decided to tag along and make a weekend trip out of it!  Bryan has a cousin that lives just outside of DC and she lets us come stay with her any time we want.  She has a beautiful home and we love her and her kids!  Juliette's husband is currently stationed in Iraq, so she willingly took Scott for us on Valentine's night so Bryan and I could enjoy a peaceful dinner date.  Scott thinks her boys are so funny.

Ever since we were home in AZ for Christmas, Scott has had a love for stairs.  I can't keep him away from them!  In NYC the only stairs he sees are the ones in the subways, and mom is usually carrying him!  He was in heaven.

Made it to the top in about 5 seconds.

Chillin with Adam in the boys' room.

Bryan was gone all day Friday, so Juliette and I hit up a mall and Cafe Rio!  This was my one request when we decided to head to DC.  There are so many fabulous restaurants in NYC, but nothing similar to my Cafe Rio, so it is always a treat!
Scott's bday was on Saturday and we had a fun-filled day.  We started out at Georgetown Law School in downtown DC.  Bryan had one more meeting to sit through, so Scott and I napped in the car for some of it, then got out and explored the student center.

 Then we headed to Mt. Vernon to check out George Washington's estate.  This was very cool.  We did a tour, then enjoyed walking the grounds.

 Scott and I sitting on Mr. Washington's back porch enjoying the BEAUTIFUL view of the lake.  I want to live somewhere like this someday.

 Scott, already climbing walls...

Just as we were finishing up, it started snowing HARD! We ran to the car, and on our way we saw GW himself riding home.
 We headed back to Juliette's for a little birthday celebration.  Scott loves pizza.
 Juliette and her crazy kids.  We love them.  Aliya was so kind and grabbed Scott a cupcake at the store so he could chow down on some thick, nasty frosting!

 Cake smash Part II
 Here is Scott showing off...telling everyone how old he turned today!  Smarty pants.

Successful smash.

After bath and clean up we let Scott open a present.

 He was so stoked!

 "Look at my new kicks, ma"

 Testing his new vertical in his new Jordans.  Happy Birthday buddy! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Visitors and a STORM.

Wandering through Times Square on a chilly night.
Bryan's parents came out for a visit a few weeks ago and we LOVED having them!  Scott sure loves his Grandparents!  It was the week before Scott's birthday and they spoiled him with presents and cake!

Toys R Us at Times Square
The last day they were here, Storm Nemo hit! (Yup, it was such a big deal it even got a name.) My mother-in-law and I decided to brave the storm and head up to my favorite French Bakery!  I am so lucky to have such a cool m-i-l.

 It was so worth it!! Mmmmm!

Bryan's parents wanted to watch Scott destroy a cake while they were here, so here is Scott's first cake smash!  He wasn't so sure at first, but once he got the hang of it there was no stopping him.  He didn't even want to eat it, he just wanted to smash it and throw it and smear it.  It was awesome.

Scott and Grandpa Scott telling everyone how old he is.

 We were secretly hoping the storm would force their flight to cancel so they would have to stay longer!

Of course, we had to hit up Shake Shack.
The day after the storm...

"But mom, where are all the ducks?"

All Scott wanted to do was stick his face in the snow, then lick it off.  His face was frozen.

Happy Snow Day!