Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter 2012

Happy Easter! Luckily the easter bunny came to our house via a package from my mom :) She supplied us with all new outfits and some goodies. Here is Scott all ready for church.
The only shoes that currently fit him. So funny.
Every year NYC does a big Easter bonnet parade on 5th Ave, so after church we decided to go check it out! Here are some of the gals. I am lame and didn't have a bonnet but everyone else looked awesome!
There were some interesting characters at the parade. Very entertaining.
Then we just HAD to take a break and run into St. Thomas' Church so I could feed baby and so we could listen to some beautiful music. It's so tough to live in a city that has such beautiful churches and cathedrals.
Our first family pic! And I love Scott's face...such a silly boy. Takes after his mom making goofy faces for the camera.
After the parade we went into Central Park for a picnic. Beautiful day.
Classic pic of the husbands on the way home.
I'm sure my baby gets so sick of his mama kissing on him all the time. I love our face snuggles.
A friend snapped this pic without me knowing and I love it. Being a mom is such a blessing.


Karalee and Anthony said...

I love that candid pic! So sweet :)

Kristin said...

The boys look just like that new movie coming out: What To Expect When You're Expecting. :) Classic. Scott is THE cutest. His announcement came in the mail not too long ago. What a player! Love his outfit.

Ashley Bunker said...

He is a cutie Whit. Congrats and I hope you guys are having fun out in NYC! What a fun place to live!

.kaitlyn. said...

those bear booties are to die for! so cute!