Thursday, June 14, 2012

AZ trip #1

I haven't been on blogger for a couple months now and they totally changed things!  I'm always complaining about how annoying it is to make a new post, but it seems like they made it easier on people like me who don't like to sit for 2 hours just for a stupid blog post.  MAYBE I will be blogging a little more often now after I get used to the changes.  So much has gone on in the last few months and I have been loving every single second of it.  We have taken a few trips so I will start with the first trip to AZ back in April.  Sorry for the picture overload!  I'll try to keep it short.

We blessed my sweet little boy at our house in Mesa when he was 8 weeks old.  He was such a handsome little dude.  There was a span of a few weeks when his hair was straight orange.  It has since fallen out (except for an awesome mullet in the back) and is coming back in blonde...but it was fun to have a little orange haired baby while it lasted!  Makes me laugh.  

 Bryan gave such a wonderful blessing and Scott just stared at daddy the whole time.  Yes, dad's deep, loud voice is mesmerizing.  

Great-grandparents!  Just missing G-ma Hall!
 My mom and dad love their 3 grandkids.
 Uncle Max with Scott in the football hold.
 Hall Fam
 Perk Fam

Chillin with friends and Scott's girlfriend, Ali.

 Mom just macs on this cute face all day long.  Poor kid.

 Hayden, Scott, Rex.  Best buds.

Cousin Rex was such a good helper!  He loves baby Scott!

So the main reason we came to AZ was for my sister's wedding!  Congrats to Sarah and Mike!  The wedding was so beautiful!  
 My gorgeous sisters at the bachelorette party...

 Pics from the wedding dinner...starting with my cutest little nephew.  Kid can down a huge glass of lemonade in 5 minutes.
 Sweet Aunt Jenni with little Scott

Husband and Wife.

My handsome boys in their pin-striped suits!  All ready for the celebration!

 Handsome brother Jason
 Sister Gretchen (aka Alysha)

Love my dad.
 Beautiful Gma Hall
 Bryan's brother, Spencer.  Good looking boys!

Once a best friend, always a best friend.  Love this girl and her kiddos so much!

Happy wedding day Say!


Jen said...

Funnest week ever!! LOVE you

Kristin said...

Scott looks PIMP in pinstripes!! Love him