Friday, April 13, 2012

Quick Update

Is it just me, or is it such a pain to do a new post? Maybe I still just haven't quite figured this blog thing out, but it seems like it should be easier. It takes way too long to sit down and figure out the order you want your pictures to appear on the post, then figure out which ones you need to download first to get them in that order. Then, why can't you move them around once they are downloaded? Someone needs to come up with a new system! Please let me know if I'm the only one that feels like this...maybe I'm doing it wrong! Anyway, I don't have time to do all that right now, so this post may be totally jumbled...

My baby is 2 months old! It feels like yesterday that I went through the delivery process, but at the same time, it's hard to remember life without this cute little guy! I have taken about a million pics but here are some favorites!

Bryan could not WAIT to read Scott his first story. This is the night we got home from the hospital and Scott got his first story...I believe it was Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, a childhood favorite of Bryan's. So sweet :)

Almost all of the newborn outfits I have were too big for Scott at first and it's crazy that he is now growing out of them. He's getting too big and I don't like it!
We've had a few visitors! My mom came out a few days after I delivered Scott, then Suzy (Bryan's mom) came out right after. Here is Grandma Perkinson.
Then, more of the Perk clan came a few weeks later!
Grammy Hall
My good friend, Diana, came to the city on vacation and we met up in her hotel room so our little ones could meet. This is her sweet little Ali (aka Scott's future wife). Scott is 3 weeks in this pic. They loved each other and Ali wanted to hold his hand the whole time.
At 3 weeks we took Scott to the Natural History Museum. He loved the dinosaurs.
Here is my sweet little devil at 6 weeks! Teaching him his loyalties early. We sent this pic to Grandpa White.
Central Park is our backyard and is so fun for walks! Scott loves his stroller so we are constantly going for walks these days. ANYTHING to get the kid to sleep.
Just chillin, taking a nap on dad's side of the bed.
As I am going through pictures I am realizing that I am not in any of them because I'm always taking them! I will try harder to get some pics of me with my baby. Here is a cute one of Scott and Bryan before the St. Patrick's Day Parade down 5th Ave. I think Scott is about 4 wks.
At the St. Patty's Parade! My little baller.
We just love this little guy and have already done some fun things with him! Still figuring out how to manage life in the city with a baby, but it has been a lot of fun!


The Malones said...

Loved the update! He's such a cutie and I'm SURE you are LOVING every moment with him!

Kristin said...

Speaking of newborn outfits not fitting him, I was so surprised that Bry managed to produce a boy that came out less than 7 pounds! I guess it must be because you're so little. Love that story time pic!