Sunday, October 7, 2012

So long sweet summer...

Everything in my life lately has screamed FALL at me and I'm so excited for the change of season because I love everything about the Fall AND it means that we are closer to the holiday season!  To make it official I figured I should do a "farewell to summer" post.  This summer was a total dream for me...maybe the best summer I've ever had, and I'm sad to see it end.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I wasn't working, maybe it was the new little man in my life, maybe it was the city I live in and love so much, maybe it was the wonderful people I got to spend my time with.  Ok it was probably ALL of those things.  All I can say is that Scott's very first summer will be one for me to always remember, and I sure took enough pics for him to enjoy when he gets older.  Thank you for being so good to us, summer!!  (Disclaimer:  a lot of these pics are Instagram reposts, so if you follow me on Insta sorry for the repeats!)

We are about an hour train ride from the beach, so we went there often.  Even in the middle of the week we'd throw together a group of ladies and babes and make the trek out there.  Nothing better than lounging on the beach with good friends and cute babes!

Scott got his first haircut when he was 4 months old... the mullet was killing me!

Scott and I watching the sunset behind Miss Liberty (the tiny statue in the background).

Family pic at the Brooklyn food festival

Soooo in love with my handsome boy!

Swim lessons for Scott.  This kid loves everything about water.

Born Mets fan and we made it to several games.

Already a lover of books...getting a head start preparing for Harvard.

Fun date night in the city zipping around on this beauty!  Bryan's goggles kill me every time!

Broadway shows never get old to me...neither does my sexy husband.

Scott's shirt says it all... Peace, Love, Rock &Roll.  Babiators.
 Ready to catch some waves.  Stud.

What's a girl's night without some tattoos in Times Square?

 One of the many splash pads...

This is one of my favorite pics.  Scott with St. John the Divine in the background.  Just down the street from us.

This is a classic "first time trying baby food" photo shoot at 6 months.  Scott absolutely loves food and has since day 1.  You should see his excitement when I pull down one of his bowls.

Suspenders and cute diaper bum.

Surfing in the subway. 

Everyone tells me how much Scott looks like Bryan.  When he does his serious face I get a glimpse of some Hall genes.  Do you see it??

A new favorite: swings.  Especially with dad.  Scott sure loves his dad and it is the cutest thing to watch these two become buddies.

On Scott's half birthday.  STOP GROWING!

Mom got to do some surfing this summer as well!  This surfing trip we saw a huge whale so close to us!  We started paddling out but he was a little faster than we were.  It totally made my day.

There you go.  A handful of the thousands of pics I took this summer.  A few more posts to come soon.  


Kristin said...

Oh wow, could Scott be any cuter?! He seems like such a happy baby! So glad you guys love NY so much! Makes me want to plan another trip out. Miss your face!

Spenny and Nellie Morris said...

Looks like you're loving NY and baby Scott is adorable! And seriously, you shouldn't look that good 6 months after having your baby!