Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Couples Retreat

I am notorious for posting pics a month or more after they were taken (if I even post at all).  This trip was way too fun not to post!  5 couples + 5 babies + 1 beach house = a weekend to never forget!

Here is our sweet 15 passenger van.  We had an additional small car, so we weren't totally crammed into this thing.  On our way to Montauk...on the very tip of Long Island.

Since we don't ride in the car very often, Scott is very intrigued when we do.  He also sleeps so well in the car!  Amazing!

Straws.  Favorite thing.

Bryan wanted to give Scott a lemon so of course I had the camera ready for a funny face, and I never got one!  He wanted more.


Love this cutest family!

The long jump contest turned into "let's jump over each other".  Boys will be boys.

His pointy chin.  I die.

Darn, he got his aunt's cheerleader moves...def not from me!

Stop and look at Scott in this "flying baby" picture.  Perfect Superman form!

 Ben and Ava flying their kite.

Wooaaaah FIRE.

It's dark, so it's blurry, but Scott crashed at our bonfire and slept on the beach for like 2 hours while we enjoyed the fire and some s'mores.  Rough life.

The whole gang on the roof.  Thanks for an AMAZING time.  Let's start planning next year's trip.

Best friends.


Kristin said...

What?! Your kid is amazing. How does he always look like he's actually flying when he gets tossed in the air? I think he's developing into a superhero. Which is perfect, since you live in NY, because all superheroes live there. :)

The Watkins Family said...

Those flying pictures are awesome! He is definitely a superhero in the making!

Calli & Zac said...

So cute Whit. That one of him flying is hysterical. I love it. New York looks like a blast