Thursday, February 2, 2012


A few weeks ago we drove over to Baltimore to catch the Raven's playoff game against the Texans. We had a blast with Dennis and Taya Pitta and they were so nice to let us stay at their house and get us tickets to the game! Saturday morning, before we headed to Baltimore, we drove straight to D.C. to get a quick temple session in. The temple is so beautiful! Unfortunately, we pulled up and there was a big sign on the door that read "Closed for Maintenance." We were so bummed and kicking ourselves for not checking to make sure it was open. Oh well. We headed to Baltimore and met up with Dennis and Taya, Joe and Dana Flacco for dinner. The football game the next day was a blast, even though it was so freezing. We were good luck and cheered them on to victory! One highlight of the trip: A big thanks to Joe for letting me sit in his nice comfy massage chair in his basement for like an hour. It was much needed and I'm thinking I could use another one because my back is killing me!

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