Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby Shower "NYC Style"

I have been so lucky because it seems like no matter what city I live in, I am always surrounded by the coolest people! I was nervous moving out to NY because you hear stories about how everyone is so rude and mean (Hello! Ranked #1 on rudest cities in the U.S. for the last 3 years!) And while I have had numerous experiences where I wanted to punch someone for saying something stupid to me or completely ignoring me while I'm waiting for service, I have also met some wonderful people. One quick example: A few months ago I was coming home late at night and just walked out of the subway station when a scary looking man dressed in rags with crazy, dreadlocked hair grabbed my arm. It totally freaked me out and I was automatically ready to react by throwing a punch or kick. He had a thick accent (Haitian sounding) and he mumbled something under his breath to me. I thought he wanted money, but couldn't understand him, so I said "Excuse me?" (while I pulled my arm away) and he looked me straight in the eye and said "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen." his crazy accent... awe, my heart melted. He was so sincere and I felt bad because in this situation I was the rude one. Now there are definitely girls more beautiful than me in New York so I didn't take the compliment to heart, but it was so sweet. Anyway, just one of the instances where I have realized that there are some very kind people in this world...even in crazy NYC. I have made some FABULOUS friends in the last 6 months. Between girls in my ward and girls all over the city that I have been babysitting for, I have been blessed and have learned so much from each of them. Right when I got home from Christmas, my friend, Breanne, called me and said "We are throwing you a shower! When can we do it?" She is such a sweetheart. So in two weeks she made all the plans and set a date. On Saturday they set up a "Baby Shower Brunch" with a yummy waffle bar! It was amazing and so much fun! Here are these girls who loaded up suitcases and duffle bags to haul all the decor and food down to the building across from me. It is so much harder to throw parties and stuff here in the city because you can't just load up your car with everything you need, you are stuck with whatever you can carry and walk or subway. I really appreciated all the work they put into it and it was so fun to sit around the table and hear everyone's mommy advice for me. Don't tell my mom, but I am starting to really like living here in New York :) We'll see if I still love it when I'm hauling a baby around everywhere.

Here are the gorgeous gals who made it happen!
Waffle Bar was so delish!
If you would have asked me 6 months ago if I would have 20 very dear friends already in the city I would have probably said no way... these are some of the neatest girls I've ever met and I am for sure a better person for knowing them.
AND they gave me cute baby stuff! (which is not cheap here in the city)
I love Tiff's face in this pic...was this before or after Breanne's "I fell in trash" story? Haha
3 weeks and counting till my due date. Still need to pack my bag, get stuff ready, and read up on the delivery process since I opted out of taking a birthing class...but we are so excited! Here is a cheesy pic after church that I made the husband pose for. Love him so much! We have had the best 6 years together and while I am so so so happy to be a mom, I will miss this "just the two of us" stage we have been in for so long. We have had the best time together and still can't get enough of each other!


maryn said...

you are one cute pregnant girl. i'm so excited for you. congrats again.

Kristin said...

Aww, you two are the cutest. Especially you, Mama! Can't wait to see pictures of your little man. Please post them as soon as he's born so all of us AZ people can ooo and ahh! Miss you guys! Glad NY has totally embraced you. What a sweet group of girls. :)

.kaitlyn. said...

it was such a fun shower!!! I can't wait til the little guy gets here!

cristall said...

I guess it's ok if you and Bryan decide to stay in New York...... I will just have to sent "Pete" out to visit you a couple of times a year.. :)

Anonymous said...

you are the cutest pregnant girl in the world.

oh my gosh....

i'm obsessed!!