Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In-Law Drama?

Nope, no in-law drama for us! I have been immensely blessed by marrying into such an incredible family. From day one I have been treated like one of the daughters and I have always gotten along with everyone so well. I definitely count my blessings when I hear horror in-law stories because I don't have any stories of my own. It also goes vice versa because Bryan gets along really well with my family (and my family has learned to disregard his frequent, rude comments). Anyway, we were privileged a few weeks ago with having Bryan's parents come stay with us! We gave them our bedroom and Bryan and I bunked on the living room futon, and we all were so happy to share our little bathroom for the week! The first few days we rented a car and drove up to Newport, Rhode Island and stayed in a nice little hotel. We had a great time driving around and did tours of some of the incredible mansions. I love this first pic of the shoreline with a few of the mansions.

Obsessed with this entry gate! Someday if you come to our house, you will enter through something like this...
Ok, I guess this house will do for our future home...better pop out some kids to fill it first!

The cute little restaurant we ate at right on the ocean. Great seafood!
The rest of the week was spent in NYC going to broadway shows, enjoying the opera, caught a Mets game, strolled through Central Park, ate some great food, did some shopping, and loved hanging out. Thanks for coming to visit us!

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Kristin said...

I agree with you 100%. That is one gorgeous gate. And can Todd and I move in when you have that mansion all to yourselves? Please?