Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dave Matthews Perkinson

Kinda a catchy name, right? We love Dave Matthews Band so much we probably would be temped to name our baby after him! (IF the baby is a boy that is...I'll let you know next week!)
Bry has always been a big fan and he got me hooked when we started dating. We have now seen Dave in concert 4 times together! If you haven't seen him in concert, you should. Best concert you will ever go to. One day we will make it to see him at Red Rocks or The Gorge or somewhere cool like that. Dave is now doing his Caravan tour and made a stop here in NYC! He decided to come the same weekend Hurricane Irene decided to come, so we got to see him Friday night on Governor's Island, but then Sat and Sun night's concerts got cancelled. Lucky for us, we only bought tickets for Friday night. And lucky for us, he came back 3 weeks later and did another weekend concert on Randall's Island! 2 Dave concerts in one month! Amazing. Even Pete (fetus in my belly) loved Dave. After the first concert, we got home at about 3am and as I was laying in the tub I felt Pete move for the first time! Definitely a sign that he loved the concert. (I keep saying that, and hope he really wasn't squirming because I inhaled too much weed).
Anyway, here are some pics I got. Some of them are pretty crappy because they were taken on my phone.

Getting ready for the concert to start.

I tried to upload a couple videos, but after leaving it to load for 2 hours I got impatient and cancelled it. Sorry!


Francis said...

IF it is a boy and IF you name him Dave Matthews, I will be impressed! We have officially decided that boy names are the hardest to figure out. Although David is an option for us, we won't steal your Dave Matthews name :) Can't wait to hear what you're having!

Jen said...

Fetus in your belly...oh man i still cant believe your saying that :O makes me happy

so fun!!

Catlin said...

Congrats on the baby!!!!! That is so exciting for you guys!

Let's get together again soon!

Kristin said...

Hey Whit! I finally found your blog. :) So you decided to find out boy or girl?! So excited to hear! Did you see the pics I posted on FB of our trip? Are you wearing all your new warm clothes now? Miss your face!