Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our Arizona Christmas

This big boy got his own seat to and from AZ on the plane, which was an absolute lifesaver!  We went home to AZ for about a month to escape the cold, spend some quality time with friends and family, and just relax.  We had a wonderful time and here are some of my favorite pics.

Threw my mother-in-law a surprise 50th bday party!

Baby blessing of sweet Mary Elizabeth Mack

Having fun with my dad, Grandpa Hall.

Cousin Hayden and Grammy

Lots of kissing going on between these two love birds!  We love Ali!

Scott had a blast dancing with Aunt Alysha at a wedding reception.  It was so sweet.

Perk sisters at talent night!

My dad got in a car wreck while we were there and smashed his head open.

These kids played for hours and hours in their new car!

Tell him son!

Christmas morning bike ride


Uncle Spencer and cousin Bradford

First time in a shopping this is how you people do it!

Feeding Baby Scott
Sisterly love

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Kristin said...

Little man Scott is the cutest!! Especially with his first gun and car. :)