Saturday, September 8, 2012

We return to Boston

A few weeks ago we drove to Boston to meet up with Bryan's parents.  They came out here to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary and were so nice to let us join them for a few days!  Scott hasn't spent a lot of time in a car (just an occasional 5 minute taxi ride) so I was anxious to see how he would do.  He slept most of the time there and back, but when he was awake he hated not being able to see us.  I had to crawl in the back to play with him, but he was a rock star, like always.  Here are some highlights:

Bryan says to me "Scott is coming with me to return the luggage dolly"...I look over to find this:
 It was all fun and games till he decided to roll right off the dolly flat on his face.  Luckily, he missed the wall.

View from the top of our hotel.

Splash pad right outside the hotel.

Reunited with Grandma!  Taken after a yummy lobster dinner.

Of course we had to catch a Red Sox game!  Fenway Park was amazing.

Thanks, Grandpa, for the baseball fun!

Grandma wanted a turn carrying Scott...welcome to my life.  Scott LIVES in that carrier.  It's so much easier to throw him in there than to deal with a stroller in the city.  We recently upgraded to a fancy Ergo with some back support for my aching back.  Love it!

I just love my little dude.  He is ALL BOY with so much energy and I am loving every second.  He's already got the Michael Jordan tongue down to go with his Jordan pimp suit... you should see him swing a bat!  I'll post a video soon.

On our lovely Sunday drive we randomly came across this beauty.    
We had a great weekend, despite the fact that Scott picked up a little cold and would ONLY sleep in the hotel in my arms because he was so stuffed up and couldn't breathe...and he wouldn't let me lay down.  So I've learned how to sleep sitting up, with a dead arm from my chunk.  Love my in-laws!

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Kristin said...

First of all, baby laying on the luggage dolly is such a dad thing to do. Todd would do the same thing. Hilarious picture. Second, I can't wait to see your little stud start throwing balls and swinging bats. He's going to be a star.