Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Washington DC and Baltimore

Since we've lived in NY, we have been lucky enough to travel along the East Coast a little bit and have seen some really cool things! It is kinda a pain to leave the city because we either have to figure out the train thing or rent a car (which is sooo pricey on the weekends!). But, this past weekend we got a car and drove to DC. We drove through DC when we moved across the country, but didn't get to spend much time in the city, so we wanted to go back. We jumped on one of the bus tours and went all over the city, getting off at different stops to run into museums or take pics. I couldn't get over all the amazing buildings! I am a huge fan of the style of architecture in DC and it was fun to see everything in person.

The Lincoln Memorial was probably my favorite thing we saw!

Mr. Lincoln himself.
We were lucky enough to stay with Bryan's cousin, Juliette, in DC, then got up early the next day and drove to Baltimore to meet up with our friends, Dennis and Taya Pitta, and catch Dennis' football game! Such a blast! It was a great excuse for me to bust out the purple skinnies to wear to the game.
Yay #88! Luckily, the Ravens pulled out a "W" and we had an enjoyable night at dinner after the game. We really loved the Baltimore stadium, but the city was more ghetto than I thought it would be.
Did I mention the weather was PERFECT?? It was. 65 degrees and only sprinkled for a few minutes. Didn't even have to wear a coat and I was loving it! Kinda mad I didn't get a pic with everyone in it. Oh well. Thanks Pittas!

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