Monday, August 15, 2011

Random thoughts from NY

The past month has been so much fun and we couldn't be happier! We have been in our apartment for 3 weeks now and we just love it. Bryan went straight to work and has been pretty busy. As for myself, I am still learning the ways of the city and totally enjoying myself. Bry calls it laziness and I call it recouping from the years of hard work that I put in to get him through school. (Also doing all those things that I never had time for when I was working full time) :) Sooner than later I am going to have to find some kind of job to help pay for the freaking expensive groceries. We have already done some very fun things, but I have been slacking in the photography department, so here are some of the pics I have taken in the last few weeks.
I have already discovered some local favorites of mine. Here is one...Rita's! Pick your flavor of italian ice and blend it with vanilla custard and you have pure heaven. I am addicted. There are so many good places to eat here, when I come back to AZ for Christmas I will be one fat rolly polly, but perfectly content.

We love Puerto Rican food! One of the first things we did when we got here was look up PR restaurants. Here is one that we found and it didn't disappoint!
Mmmm, my pernil con arroz y habichuelas, of course with a side of tostones (my favorite!). Seriously makes my mouth water just thinking about this.
Here is Bry's catfish meal, I forgot the name of it in Spanish.
One day we went wandering up in The Bronx...
A few weekends ago we took the ferry to Staten Island to visit some friends that live out there. Here is Ms. Liberty on the ride back to Manhattan.
We had a blast with our friends, Catlin and Joseph Gedge, but of course I didn't get any good pics. Here is Bry going crazy with their two kids in the stroller.
The view from Bry's boss' apartment. Beautiful!
We had to make a decision when we moved out here, and of course we were not about to become Yankee we are Mets fans! We have made it out to 2 games already. We could go to a baseball game every night if it were up to us (except it takes forever to get out there).
These are 2 quick pics I snapped before we moved into our apartment. We are still waiting on a few pieces of furniture, then I will post more pics!


cristall said...

Looks awesome hunny! But I'm ready for you to come home now. Please? :) JK But we really do miss you!

Glo said...

I am loving this post...I can't wait til I get to recoup from putting my husband through school! How did you score such a rad apartment, seriously, it's amazing! Keep posting your adventures, I need someone to live vicariously through because my life is boring.

Jen said...

Totally cute pictures Nini. Your apartment is so dang cute! LOVE IT. You guys are so cute!

Keep up the posts :)

Stephanie Massey said...

Your kitchen is SO cute!! I love it! I still can not believe that you really have left me and are living there! It looks like so much fun! Live it up and be as fat and lazy as you want ;) As for your little baseball comments, I won't share those with my Dad, he might just never let you into his house ever again, he would be very disappointed Whitney!

Brittney Blount said...

how fun! It looks so pretty there. Enjoy the green and weather.

The Malones said...

I didn't know ya'll had a blog! yay, I'm glad I can keep up with you guys now! Looks like NY is treating you well :)

Kirby said...

Love the post, the apartment looks amazing!!! We can't wait to visit. :) Hope you are doing well, keep me posted!