Friday, April 15, 2011

Puerto Rico!

The last few months have been so exciting for us! Bryan graduated from law school in December and went straight into studying for the BAR exam. He took the bar in February, and 2 days later we were on a plane headed for Puerto Rico! We literally took 300 pics in the 10 days we were there, but I don't have a year to post them all, so here are some of the favs. If you wanna see more, check out my facebook page! We had an absolute blast and are considering moving to Puerto Rico (50% joking, but Bryan did send his resume to a couple law firms down there).

The LAST day we were there I found my Dr. Pepper at a gas station!

Here is Bry at one of his old apartments from the mission

We did a tour of the camuy caves.

Good morning! One of the nights we were there we stayed in a little shack in the middle of the jungle (or forest...whatever). The next morning we had a visitor! Maybe because the walls didn't meet the ceiling.

Came across some kids playing some bball with this hoop...Bry had to show them what's up.

Our little shack.

A huge lake in the middle of the forest!

What's for lunch?? Marlin on a stick. Yum!!

Bry had the great idea for me to pose for this pic. Well, the wave ended up trashing me and do you see how sharp those rocks are??? I almost died.


Pina Colada...extra rum please. With some mufongo for lunch.

Couldn't get enough of how BEAUTIFUL the beaches were!

Bry's near death experience... it was so windy out on those rocks. We found out later that some dude fell off the cliff at the same exact spot Bry is and was instantly killed. But it made for a great picture!!

Some new friends I made in Ponce at the Carnival

Best ice cream in the world!! We went there twice in the 1 day we were in Ponce.

Hiked to the top of a waterfall.

Zip-lining through the forest! Tarzan style but with goofy helmets.

The Andersons! A family Bry knew on the mission. Kathia cooked us an amazing dinner!

Yes, the church is true in Puerto Rico, too.

At a castle in Old San Juan...I sent him to the dungeon.

The view from our hotel in San Juan.

Ok, the only bikini pic you guys will get. This is off the island of Culebra. The snorkeling was so incredible! We spent a couple hours pretending we were as pretty as some of the fish we saw.

This is the day my hubby got fried. The knife on his leg left the best tan line ever.

Culebra. Please don't make me go home.


Jen said...

Every time I think you've fallen off the face of the planet, you surprise me with an awesome blog post! Looks like you guys had fun!

Calli & Zac said...

Ohhhhh Puerto Rico... so magical. We went to Culebra too!! so so so amazing! I'm jealous and I want to go back!! Congrats on him passing the bar! That must be such a relief! whew!
P.S... you are tiny :) Not fair

Francis said...

I'm so totally jealous! It looks like an amazing vacation.

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John Potter said...

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