Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bryan and Whitney

We have felt a little behind the times lately because we seem to be the only ones without a cool blog. So, we gave in and decided to post a few things so that anyone who cares, not that we assume anyone does, can see what's going on in the B&W Perk home. We are back in AZ and living like immigrants. Bryan, that's me talking in the third person, is in law school and my sugar mama Whit is slaving to put food on the table. It's all good though because someday she will be chasing twelve kids around and wishing she still had a paying job. (that was a hyperbole we aren't having twelve kids and no there aren't any on the way!) We love being back in AZ and are having a great time being around our families.


Am said...

omg. that's the cutest blog ever. welcome to the world of cyberspace relations. i hope one day to have zero friends in the flesh, only electronic associates. that will truly be the pinnacle of my human self-alienation.

ps... what's your blog name from?

P&R Cardon said...

Bryan's key phrases I've learned in law school (Note: imagine all of these phrases with an increase in volume):

1- "That is sick"
2- "Dude..."
3- "Don't write gay stuff on my thing; I'll be mad"
4- "What the #$&%"
5- "I would rather look like myself and be average than look like that guy and be first in my class"

You're the man! We gotta hang out outside of school

Reed and Hailey said...

Hi Bryan and Whitney! It's Reed and Hailey. We found your blog through Max and Kinzi's! I'm glad you decided to cave in and give it a try! We miss ya guys...hope to see you over Christmas break or at the bowl game next weekend!

Angela said...

Found you! Now you just need a little update... Maybe add the Walmart story or something. hee hee ;)

Hey, Whit we will hook up one of these Friday afternoons... as soon as all my kids are healthy and we are not at doctors appointments or in the hospital!

Ian and Kristen said...

Hey whitney... it's kristen! I randomly faound your blog... don't even remember how now, but I'm excited! Hope you guys are doing well! Have a great Christmas and a happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

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